Just For Mom

Just For Mom

What is the very best gift you’ve ever given your Mom? Was it something you bought or something you made for her? How big was her smile when she opened it?

I have to say that one of the very best gifts I’ve ever been given from one of my children was not wrapped

up or given to me on Mother’s Day.2016-03-27 10.46.39

Can you think of a gift that will keep on giving? A gift that will remind your Mom over and over of YOU?

One of the very best gifts I’ve ever received came in the form of a question. As I was enjoying increased stamina and distance on my vintage Bianchi stationary bike my son Jeff asked me – “Why don’t you get a real road bike so you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather outdoors?” Why not indeed? Well I gave that idea quite a bit of thought for an entire month and then I jumped! I bought the first bike I’d had since I was 14 at a bicycle shop in NH and started riding the roads. I moved into the cycling world one pedal stroke at a time until I was wearing a helmet(always!), spandex shorts, gloves and clip-in pedals/shoes. Wow! I’ve come a long way!

Eleven years after that gift of a question I am now the owner of the only road bike tour company in the area, I’m holding my first ever bicycle day camp for kids for three weeks this summer and I am following my passion! I am empowering other women to get out and ride their bikes too! All of this has come into my life as the result of a simple question.

What question can you ask that will change someone’s life? What will you give your Mom on her special day?

Why not reserve a bicycle tour in Sedona for you and your Mom? The scenery can’t be beat and you’ll both be enjoying the outdoors together in a beautiful, healthy environment.

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Let’s go ride a bike!

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