May Is National Bicycle Month!

May Is National Bicycle Month!

┬áThat’s right! I said May is National Bicycle Month and we’re here to celebrate!IMG_0394

Did you know that the laws we follow on the road as motor vehicle drivers were first put in place due to more than 1 million bicycles in NYC at the turn of the 20th century? I know, it’s amazing that there were so many bikes on the roads they had to create order out of chaos. It’s pretty ironic to me then when I hear motorists say that bicycles shouldn’t be allowed on the roads or that “we were here first”. Both are WRONG! Bikes were on the roads of our country long before cars.

Cycling is a sport you can continue your entire life. It’s a great cardiovascular workout and is easy on your joints. Cycling takes you away to your happy place- at least for me it does. My thought is to start a child out at a young age riding a bike and they have a healthy activity they can continue into old age. What age is too old to ride a bike? Well it’s not 90 as one of my friends can attest to.
What do you do just for you but that can be done solo or with friends? Do you take care of yourself? Do you want to lose weight and get in shape? Are you taking control of your health?
So, in honor of National Bicycle Month, dust off your bike (you know you want to), pump up the tires and check the brakes. Put your helmet on and go peddle your cares away. Cycling is also great for relieving stress!
Happy cycling! “Be The Motor”!

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