Some Bicycle History

Some Bicycle History

I bet you don’t know that the laws we as motorists use on the roads of this country were first put in place for bicyclists? It’s true. Around the turn of the century  NYC had over 1 million bicycles on the streets! You can just imagine the mayhem that ensued!  So, bicycles came before cars and we are still considered  a”vehicle” on the road.

Have you seen signs stating “Share The Road” with a graphic of a bicycle above it? Does it make you think that bicycles need to share the road with cars? It actually means just the opposite cars needs to share the road with bicycles!

So, next time you see a cyclist on the road, give them plenty of room or slow down until safe to pass. Give the cyclist respect and you’ll get the same in return. Happy pedaling and don’t forget to “Be The Motor”!95145-371x337-Bicycle_1900

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