3 Tips To Help You Climb YOUR HILLS In Life

3 Tips To Help You Climb YOUR HILLS In Life

Do you ever have trouble getting up a hill? Do you have things in your life that sometimes seem insurmountable? Then I have some helpful tips for you!

IMG_0195When you decide to learn something new or improve an existing skill how do you feel? It can be scary sometimes just to think about trying something new.

At my last session of Self Propelled Kids Camp I had a camper tell me, “I guess biking just isn’t for me”. I gave him so much positive reinforcement! He kept trying and I kept encouraging him.

Sometimes it’s just easier to stop pedaling, get off and walk up that hill. Sadly, that won’t help you achieve your goal.

Tip #1 – Be clear about what you want to achieve.

Do you want to become a more skillful bike rider? Then you need to work at it!

Tip #2 – Take action! What will you do to reach your goal?

Practice, practice and practice some more! Watch how others do it. Finding a group to ride with is a great idea as they will encourage you and push you to be better. Plus you can ask all sorts of questions and get tips on improving your riding. If you can’t find anyone to ride with then go out on your own and just keep plugging away until that hill doesn’t look quite so insurmountable. Each downstroke on the pedals brings you closer to your goal. The more often you tackle the same hill the easier it will become.

Tip #3 – Relax!

Learning a new skill or behavior takes time but you CAN DO IT! By Thursday of camp week this little guy WANTED to ride with the group! He didn’t want to be left out. He also told me – “I think I’m starting to LOVE riding my bike”! WOW! What a turn around! This is what offering my bike camp has given me; the thrill of watching kids learn, grow and gain confidence in their abilities. What a pleasure and true blessing.

These tips don’t just apply to riding a bike. These tips can be used for every part of your life.

When you have a goal you want to reach you first need to state what you intend to accomplish. Next, plan your actions. What will you need to do to accomplish your goal? Once you have that figured out, relax and go for it! Trust that you have all the abilities in you to be able to achieve anything! If you fall, get up and try again. Don’t be discouraged as you know that so many others have done what you are trying to do and it can be done.

Imagine the joy you will feel when you are easily pedaling your way through life!





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